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I hoped they'd call me on a mission... I didn't even have to grow a foot or two! :)

Hi! My name is Tami. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have recently accepted a call from the Lord to serve as a missionary in the Brazil Campinas Mission. Beginning August 28, 2013, I will be serving as 'Irma Larrabee' (that's "Sister Larrabee" in Portuguese). Follow my adventure as I get to know the good people of Brazil and share with them the thing I love the most, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is true!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mourn with those that Mourn

So my Birthday was pretty great! The night before our sweet new convert made an excellent dinner complete with cake and candles! Michael is progressing pretty well and came to church for the first time! There was so much joy on my birthday. I was mainly just happy to be a missionary even through other unpleasant things that were also happening.

What things? Well, I spent the ENTIRE night before my birthday throwing up the glorious birthday meal every hour and then at church, I felt so sick I had to leave for the last hour. I am pretty sure my gall-bladder is not doing well. I have been sick A LOT and it is getting a little old. I am not sure what is going to happen. Will I be sick forever? Will I have to get my gall-bladder out? Is that going to keep me from Brazil? Is that going to send me home altogether? Just a lot of unknowns. I am not even positive if the problem IS my gall-bladder. But if it is, this is going to affect me now until the rest of mortality. No pizza. No burgers. I'll have something WRONG for the rest of my life. And that is kind of sad. To feel broken and unwell... forever... So I had a small pity party for myself as I was falling asleep and I was pondering the baptismal covenant (side note: You know you are a missionary when you start a sentence "I was pondering the baptismal covenant as I was falling asleep"). But, in the Book of Mormon we read that when you are baptized you promise to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those who stand in need of comfort (Mosiah 18). Christ was baptized. And I am certain He keeps His baptismal covenant. When we mourn, He mourns with us. That night, when I was mourning the loss of pizza (haha... but really... pizza... forever) Jesus was mourning with me, because Jesus was baptized, and He keeps His covenants. He mourns with you. No matter how big or small your loss is. He loves you. AND I love being a missionary.

Til next week!

Sister Larrabee

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