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I hoped they'd call me on a mission... I didn't even have to grow a foot or two! :)

Hi! My name is Tami. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have recently accepted a call from the Lord to serve as a missionary in the Brazil Campinas Mission. Beginning August 28, 2013, I will be serving as 'Irma Larrabee' (that's "Sister Larrabee" in Portuguese). Follow my adventure as I get to know the good people of Brazil and share with them the thing I love the most, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is true!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Holy Busy

It was such a busy week! First we had the snowstorm Pday, the next day was MLC (Mission Leader Council). It is the big meeting with all of the zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders (STLs) in the whole mission. It was super intimidating. But guess what?? I COMMENTED! I was so happy that I was brave. It is intense being the Charleston STLs. It was really fun to be part of the council, discussing issues, fixing problems, chilling with the mission president. It's good stuff. The next day we prepared for the zone meeting. Thursday was the Zone Meeting. At zone meetings, the zone leaders teach and so do the STLs. It was so intimidating to be on the planning and teaching end of the meeting because I know how much everyone counts on those meetings to uplift them and motivate them and receive the answers they have been praying for! It went well, I think, though. I am just glad that it is over... until the 20th. Then we are teaching 2 zones combined at a specialized training. Whoa. It is safe to say that I am growing out of my comfort zone. Shoot. I might even go so far as to say I left my comfort zone in the dust of Salem and I am living in discomfort. Haha! It is so good though. What is crazy is: I am so happy! When you lose yourself in the Lord you truly are blessed with joy.

So immediately after the Zone meeting I went on an exchange with a sister in her area and immediately after that I went on another exchange with the sisters in another area in our zone. Exchanges are when one of the Sister Training Leaders (or Zone Leaders if it's with Elders) switches places with one of the missionaries in their zone to observe how they are obedient and teach and stuff while at the same time setting a perfect example while at the same time digging for concerns, while at the same time doing everything you can to correct and encourage. They are so stressful. 2 in a row was crazy! But good. At the same time it really is so wonderful to be using every effort you have to serve others. We have really good sisters who are easy to love! Amongst all that we somehow fit in some teaching. We have a new investigator named Ruby who is in her 70's. She is the funniest old lady. She came to church yesterday and was an absolute joy. We expect her to get baptized this transfer. No joke.

So in summary. We are busy! But, right now, I would rather be here than anywhere else. What a blessing to serve the Lord with ALL of your heart, might, mind, and strength!

Love ya'll!

Sister Larrabee

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